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In which countries can I request national phase entry?

You can request national phase entry in most countries around the world. A full list countries is provided in the linked list

What do you need to provide us?

Initially, all you will need to provide is the number of your PCT application and a list of countries in which you are seeking patent protection. Following that, we will be here to guide you through the national phase entry process through our network of foreign patent attorneys.

Are there any deadlines?

There is a time limit to enter national phase based on the date you first filed a patent application for your invention. While the time limit differs in each country, most provide either a 30 or 31 month time limit. Please let us know if you would like further information about the time limits to file for national phase entry.

How long does national phase entry process take it take?

The entire process will typically take a few weeks once we have received instructions to proceed. However we can provide instructions for urgent matters and have them filed within 1-2 days if the deadline is fast approaching.

What happens after national phase entry?

Once you have entered national phase, the patent offices in your selected countries or regions will commence the process of examination (i.e. determining whether they will grant a patent based on the application). zIP, with its network of foreign patent attorneys, will be here to guide you through that process

What about filing in foreign languages?

Countries such as Japan, China and South Korea will require to file a translation of your application as part of the national phase entry process. zIP is able to assist in arranging for translations of your patent application

Other questions?

zIP is happy to answer any other questions you have. Feel free to ask a question by clicking here and one of our specialists will respond shortly.